Audiobook of Another Man’s Treasure Coming

Great news! I’m working on the audiobook version of logo-audiobook1Another Man’s Treasure. I’m using Audible’s ACX exchange to find a narrator, and the finished product will be available on Audible and iTunes. This is my first foray into audio, and I’m enjoying the process of auditioning narrators. I’ve received nine auditions so far thanks to being selected for a stipend by ACX. (This is of interest to fellow authors. I’m using the revenue-share model, but the ACX stipend encourages more and better narrators to audition because they get approximately $1,000 upfront to underwrite their costs. I’m honored to have been selected by ACX for this.)

It’s fascinating to hear how different voice artists interpret the same passage from the book. I’ve had nine auditions submitted, and I’m continuing to search for the perfect voice to bring Audrey to life: not too slow, not too melodramatic, just a touch ironic.  I’ve also learned that I now have a new responsibility. Instead of searching for typos, I’ll be searching for mangled pronunciation. FYI actors: “eau de cologne” is pronounced “oh deh” not “eeew dee”.

I’m hopeful the finished product will be ready by September. Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? What do you think makes a great narrator? Any pet peeves?

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