Book Review: After the Storm

After the Storm (Kate Burkholder #7)After the Storm by Linda Castillo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really wanted to love this book. Many mystery fans whose opinions I respect love Linda Castillo, and I had never read her work. After reading a glowing review of After the Storm, I decided to take the plunge. The novel starts with an exciting Prologue in which a young girl witnesses a gruesome crime. Then it continues with a sort of Prologue Part II, written from another point of view, in which the entire motivation for the crime becomes quite apparent. Then, once I knew the motivation and met the cast of suspects, it was totally obvious who the killer must be. Unfortunately, the detective, Police Chief Kate Burkholder, did NOT have the benefit of reading the Prologue, so she spends half the book bungling along asking, “But why…??” when we as readers know exactly why. It’s never a good thing for the reader to be two steps ahead of the sleuth. The author could have totally avoided this problem by leaving out the second bit of Prologue. Nevertheless, I kept reading because the characters are interesting and I thought there might be a twist coming. No such luck. The book ends as I predicted, and several loose ends are never tied up, including why the body was moved to the place where it was discovered when there were literally acres and acres of better places to dispose of it. Disappointing. Sigh.

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