Book Review: The Unseen World

The Unseen WorldThe Unseen World by Liz Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved Liz Moore’s previous book, HEFT, and was looking forward to reading this one. Moore has written another winner. The author has a real talent for depicting quirky characters sympathetically without making them seem freakish or over-the-top. This novel revolves around David, a brilliant but reclusive computer scientist, and Ava, the daughter he homeschools. Ava spends the first 12 years of her life working alongside the scientists in her father’s lab, only to be dumped traumatically into the conventional world when her father falls ill. The middle of the novel is a mystery story, as Ava unravels the complicated truth about her father. The end veers toward science fiction as the artificial intelligence program her father has been working on for decades affects the lives of the characters. All told, THE UNSEEN WORLD is a great, character-driven novel about biological families and “found” families. The title describes not only the computer science project, but also the many worlds we each occupy that remain unseen to others. Highly recommended.

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