Take the Bait

Take the Bait

Take the Bait

Frank Bennett is new to the job of police chief in the Adirondack town of Trout Run, NY. When a high school girl vanishes in broad daylight, Frank learns that even in a town where everyone knows your name, there are some secrets no one wants shared.
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Make no mistake—spring is not a season of unrestrained joy in the Adirondack Mountains. Too late for skiers and too early for hikers, spring brings financial grief to everyone who relies on the tourist trade. At best, it’s muddy; at worst, the melting snow and rain push rivers and streams above their banks, uprooting trees and flooding low roads. The same warm weather that coaxes the leaves onto the trees also draws the blackflies out of their larval state.

Still, a palpable joy coursed through Trout Run, New York, on that first balmy Saturday at the end of April, marking the end of winter’s long siege. People shed their heavy coats and walked around wearing T-shirts and even shorts, despite that in the shade, the air was still cool enough to raise goose bumps. Everyone was outside: babies who’d been born over the winter got their first stroller promenades, children drew hopscotch grids on driveways, gardeners dug with unchecked optimism.

And Janelle Harvey, walking the half mile between Al’s Sunoco and her home, disappeared.

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