5 Kindle Unlimited Mysteries with Smart Female Sleuths

smart female sleuths

Smart women make the best sleuths!

Are you looking for Kindle Unlimited mysteries with strong, smart female sleuths? They’re not always easy to find. No one wants to read a stinker with a too-stupid-to-live heroine. So here’s some help narrowing down your choices of Kindle Unlimited mysteries. These novels will please if you like a good twisty plot and  well-developed characters. Get the most from your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Download these mysteries with smart, savvy heroines.

Another Man’s Treasure—On a snowy Christmas Eve, a beautiful young mother goes out for a few last-minute gifts and never returns. Thirty years later, her daughter—an estate sale organizer—picks up the trail…with deadly results. Antiques Roadshow meets Law and Order in this tense romantic thriller.

The Girl in Cabin 13–In the first novel in the Emma Griffin FBI series, Emma goes undercover in a small Virginia town to solve a series of disappearances. Ultimately, she finds a connection to a mystery from her own past.

Mother’s Day Out—Stay-at-home-mom Margie Peterson takes a job as a PI and finds herself knee-deep in murder and mayhem. This high-spirited romp is laugh-out-loud funny.  Consequently, it’s more sophisticated than the standard cozy mystery.

One Last Child–Homicide detective Kate Wakefield is a refreshing change of pace in mystery heroines. Instead, she’s a mature, 60-year-old woman instead of a beautiful young ingenue. Kate investigates the mysterious disappearance of five pre-schoolers–among them her own granddaughter–in this smart domestic thriller set in Sydney, Australia.

Mind Your Manors–Stella O’Neill is a newly launched real estate agent with law enforcement in her blood. She doesn’t back down from family secrets, dead bodies, or fun in this first book in a cozy series.

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