Best Kindle Unlimited Mysteries

Are you looking for the best Kindle Unlimited mysteries to read? Separating the winners from the duds can be difficult, so I’ve updated my list of well-reviewed mysteries that you can read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. But even if you aren’t a KU subscriber, these are all great, reasonably priced mysteries. I’ve read […]

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S.W. Hubbard Author Interview

Recently I was interviewed about my books and my publishing career on the fabulous podcast, The Joys of Binge Reading. You can listen to the S.W. Hubbard author interview here: Jenny Wheeler, the podcast host, did a great job asking me questions about how I started writing fiction and my journey from traditional publishing […]

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6 Great Book Club Mysteries to Read & Discuss

Does your book club read mysteries, or do you stick to “literary” fiction and classics? I’ve compiled this list of great book club mysteries (I’ve read them all!) because I think my favorite genre offers plenty of opportunity for stimulating discussions. Sure, there are mysteries we read just for fun, but these morally complex book club […]

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A Free Christmas Mystery, a bargain & inspiration

A FREE Christmas mystery, a bargain, and some inspiration Do you feel frazzled around the holidays? If you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to finish your shopping, plan for travel and entertaining, and decorate the house. To make your life easier, I’d like to give you three things: a FREE Christmas mystery, a bargain, and […]

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Large Headed Woman Seeks Winter Hat

On Tuesday, I went to REI on my annual pilgrimage to find a non-hideous winter hat that fits me. My hall closet is a graveyard of ugly, uncomfortable hats bought in years gone by. You see, I have a peculiar affliction—my head is freakishly large. I don’t look like a bobble head doll (at least […]

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Book Review: The Unseen World

The Unseen World by Liz Moore My rating: 5 of 5 stars I loved Liz Moore’s previous book, HEFT, and was looking forward to reading this one. Moore has written another winner. The author has a real talent for depicting quirky characters sympathetically without making them seem freakish or over-the-top. This novel revolves around David, […]

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Prime Reading: 5 Mysteries with Smart Female Sleuths

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Do you love mysteries with smart, strong female sleuths? Then you’re in luck! Amazon’s new program, Prime Reading, now allows Prime members to download an unlimited number of Kindle books from a rotating selection of thousands of highly rated titles—FREE! Currently, there are nearly 200 mystery and thriller titles […]

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